STEP 1 Inquiry, Design Brief & Quote

Simply send an email to [email protected].com  or fill in the contact form on FREE QUOTE page with your Floor Plans, Elevation Plans and other design documents (Landscape, Site plan, etc.) in CAD (.dwg) or PDF format. Please indicate the types and quantities of 3D renders if you have them on your mind, we will provide you the quote ASAP.

We will start working on your project straight away once you accept our quote and the payment of 50% deposit received.

Floor n Elevation Plan

STEP 2 Design, Model & First Preview

Based on plans and documents you provided to us, we will create the 3D model with colours and materials applied. We will provide you the draft version images with pre-selected camera angles. You will have an opportunity to review and make any necessary minor changes on colours, materials or camera angles.

3D Model

STEP 3 Landscape, Lighting & Final Review

Once the 3D model, Colours, Materials and camera angles have been confirmed in STEP 2, we will implement landscaping, lighting and other fine touches to make the images photorealistic. At this round, you will have another review and provide your feedback before moving onto STEP 4.

3D Exterior Rendering

STEP 4 Final Images & Delivery

When STEP 3 completes, we will move onto the final image production. We will send you the final high resolution images to your email once the payment of 50% remaining balance received.

3D Exterior Artist Impression