Since the Planning Panel report published in February 2019, Bayside Council made new progress on Bayside Planning Scheme Amendment C126. At its ordinary meeting on 19 March 2019, Council decided

‘That Council:

  • 1.   Adopts the revisions to the Bayside Small Activity Centre Strategy 2014;
  • 2.   Adopts Amendment C126 in the form of Attachment 4;
  • 3.   Immediately commence the preparation of a study to support the application of mandatory height controls in Small Neighbourhood Activity Centres where mandatory controls have not been supported by Planning Panels Victoria;
  • 4.   Present a report to Council in June 2019 with the outcomes of the study;
  • 5.   Submits amendment C126 to the Minister for Planning; and
  • 6.   Writes to all submitters to advise of Council’s decision.’

And will now submit the Amendment documents to the Minister for Planning for approval.

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