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Melbourne Sees the End of Biggest Property Downturn since 1980s

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  • Domain’s Q2 2019 House Price Report suggests that the market in Melbourne appears to have bottomed out, which matches and is now following the trend line 2 in our prediction made in April 2019
  • Melbourne’s median house price rose by 0.3% to $818,237, 10% below the peak reached in late 2017.
  • Melbourne’s median unit price increased by 2% to %501,009, 2% below the peak in 2018.
  • Ballarat and Bendigo recorded 11% and 5% increase over last 12 months, Geelong slowed down with 1% increase over the year.
  • In last downturn, Melbourne’s most expensive areas have seen the biggest house price falls, inner-east 16% down and inner-south 13% fall.
  • Signs show that prices in those most expensive areas are rebounding fastest. As Melbourne’s most expensive areas usually leads the trend, indicating the Melbourne price downturn appears over.

  • Other Capital Cities in Domain’s Q2 2019 House Price Report:
    • Sydney – Price fell further but at a slowing rate
      • Houses down 0.4% to $1,032,338
      • Units down 0.4% to $688,652
    • Brisbane – Price fell further
      • Houses down 1.4% to $559,167
      • Units down 3.1% to $368,382
    • Adelaide – Prices fell for only the second time since 2014 in Q2
      • Houses down 0.1% to $540,473
      • Units down 0.2% to $310,642
    • Perth – Prices continue their downward slide
      • Houses down 2.0% to $528,186
      • Units down 1.6% to $342,930
    • Hobart – Price boom looks to be ending
      • Houses up 0.7% to $474,423
      • Units down 6.4% to $356,751
    • Canberra – House prices jumped in Q2 but basically unchanged over the year
      • Houses up 1.5% to $741,947
      • Units down 1.4% to $448,737
    • Darwin – Prices continue to fall
      • Houses down 2.3% to $502,521
      • Units down 4.8% to $298,438

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