When you

  • build a house for living,
  • design townhouses for rental passive incomes, or
  • develop an apartment or mixed-use complex for business,

inevitably you will be dealing with plans, in various types and for different objectives.

Plans involved in Construction and Development

This article will not be a thorough research on plans, but more as an introduction on several plans that are widely used in development and construction industry.

1. Site plan with features and levels

Before doing any design, a site plan with features and levels must be provided by land surveyor, to provide a base for architect professionals to implement their skills and knowledge.

Site Plan

2. Concept plan

To create a concept drawing to reflect ideas from both client and architect on how the land will be planned to use and what the layout and design will initially look like.  

Concept Plan

3. Floor plan

Floor plan will be provided for each floor plan layout, showing locations and sizes of rooms and areas.


4. Elevation plan

To indicate how the design exterior looks like from each side of the boundary. Sometimes section view may be used to show the design appearance that cannot be observed directly from the boundary.

Elevation Plan

5. Landscape plan

To show landscape design in details, such as the types and locations of plants on the land, methods of planting, etc.

Landscape Plan

Floor, elevation and landscape plans are mainly used in multi-dwelling/unit developments, or a house which has certain part not complying with council’s planning schemes. Section or Traffic plan may be required by relevant authority as well.

6. 3D Rending Images

  • To provide a visually direct view on how the design will look like when completed, in both exterior and interior ways.
  • More and more used in planning application.
  • Also a must have booster for marketing in sales.
This exterior artist impression image is modeled and rendered by IL Visual for architectural visualisation of Miranda a multiple-unit/townhouse residential development. It shows detailed exterior cladding and finishes according to material schedule, color scheme and quality landscapes, which under the natural sunlight's setting provides a vivid street front view for the property.

7. Working drawings

  • Floor, elevation and section plans with more dimension measurements.
  • Detail plan for kitchen, bathroom or other specific areas.
  • Windows and doors schedule.
  • Engineering drawings.
  • Lighting plan.
  • Footing plan.
  • Structure engineering plan.
  • Roof plan, etc.
Working Drawing

8. Plan of Subdivision

For multi-dwelling/unit development to register title for each dwelling/unit and owner corporation setup if required.

Plan of Subdivision

The 8 types of plans/drawings/images above are mostly used, and there are many other plans that may be used in a development or construction project.

This interior 3D rendering image is produced by IL Visual for the architectural visualisation of Hutton a residential development. It shows detailed finishes with furniture selected from IL Visual's library. With day light setting it provides a vivid virtual reality of the interior living, kitchen and dining areas from entrance to sliding door for the property

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