The next BLOCK, the hottest property renovation show on Channel 9 is believed to be held in Brighton.

With a recent pass by a building site at the corner of Orchard Street and New Street in Brighton the renowned bayside suburb in Melbourne, IL Visual noticed there is banner hanging on the first level of 5 houses that under construction. On which it says ‘THE BLOCK’.

The Block 2020 in Brighton

IL Visual did a quick search in the register and found THE BLOCK’s planning application was submitted on 28 June 2019 for a 5-dwelling development, which including a relocation of 5 old single level houses built in 1930-1960 and modern two-level extension with basement on them.

Five properties are separated with adjacent ones and can be deemed as houses. There is a shared 6-meter-wide driveway along the east boundary of the block, provided car accesses.

On ground level of Each dwelling, there are two bedrooms with ensuites, laundry and powder in relocated old house, and modern open living/dining area with island kichen in the extension area. Access to the backyard is through a bi-fold door and decking. On the other end of the backyard is a double garage with storage. Between the garage side war and fence on one side is where swimming pool sits.

On first level above living and kitchen area, there are another two bedrooms with shared bathroom.

A basement is provided for each dwelling. Inside the basement, there is a bathroom and extra spaces for multi-purpose uses.

The estimated total cost of work as indicated was $4.5 Million. The land was used to be a 13-luxury-townhouse development held by a Chinese-owned development company. It has been for sale for some time, until was acquired by THE BLOCK in early 2019.

The application was approved on 06 September 2019 and the plans were endorsed on 12 November 2019. A secondary consent application was submitted afterwards and endorsed on 03 February 2020.

3D Architectural Image for Cole Townhouse 3D Interior Bathroom Visualisation

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