Pi-HUB is a place where you can find various and latest information, in a most concise bulleted list format, about properties such as

Pi-HUB is a place where you can find various and latest information about properties, in a most concise bulleted list format.

Sourced from

  • Public media information;
  • Relevant authorities’ publications and reports;
  • Our research and analysis.
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We hope with such a little effort made in this Pi-HUB, you will find property industry

  • Not an X-topic with overwhelmed information all over the place; but
  • A well-organized business that has routines and schedules to follow, plans and summaries to rely on, and solutions and targets to achieve.
Pi-HUB helps you to find answers and solutions for property planning, construction and investment.

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IL Visual produced 3D Rendering for modern designed school. The artist impression provides a bird's-eye perspective view of project, from front street, school entrance, roof terrace, yard, to car parking in the far end

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